Description: Shaper ( Wood ), Shapes Wood with High Pitched Whining, Turn Off with Long Wind Down.

Description: Tools, Chain Saw, Short Revs, Some Steady, Cuts Down Tree, Tree Falls with Loud Cracks & Creaks.

Description: Joiner ( Wood ), Turn On, Steady & Off with Wind Down.

Description: Grinder, Grinding Metal, Wind Up, Steady Hum, Various Metallic Scrapes & Buzzes.

Description: Anvils & Tin; Anvils And Tin Bashing With Some Sparse Chatter. Group Preparing Instruments.

Description: Rotary Cutter; Rotary Cutter. On, Run And Stop. High Pitched Motor Whir With Quick Rundown.

Description: Grindstone; Grindstone And Water Noise.

Description: Grinding Wheel; Hand Turned Grinding Wheel. Squeaks And Creaks, Then Pouring Water Over Stone And Sharpening.