Description: Automobile Body Shop Ambience, W Pneumatic Tools, Various Activity, Car Start Idle Off.

Description: Water Pump; Water Pump. Hand Type.

Description: Shovel Dig Dirt; Slow Digs Of Shovel Into Dirt—slower Toned, Bigger Digs And Slower Debris Fall Drop Into Metal Container —some Metal Ring, Loud Crunching On Impact. Close-up.

Description: Sander; Industrial; Industrial Sander. Start, Run And Stop.

Description: Drill; Pneumatic; Constant Heavy Pneumatic Drill. Two Different In03.

Description: Diesel Wheat Grinder; Metal Clanks / Chain Movement, Small Backfires And Spits. Slow Start Up, Run And Idle, Medium-fast Run And Slows With Quicker Backfires—and Slow Down To Stop. Close-up.

Description: Metal Tool Box, Shuffling Through Contents.

Description: Electric Grinder: Grinding Metal. Start And Hard Uneven Grind To Stop. 5 Versions. Mono.

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