Description: Coffee Machine, Coffee, Domestic, Start To Stop, Close; Digiffects; Small Household Appliances; Kitchen & Dining Room

Description: Household Humidifier Run Loop Appliance.

Description: Kitchen Environment, Ambience, Doing Dishes By Hand, Kitchen; Digiffects; Kitchen & Dining Room; Cleaning

Description: Drawer, Tool, 10 Versions X 3 Rooms, Tools; Digiffects; Bathroom And Kitchen Cabinets & Cupboards

Description: Foley,Kitchen Activity,Moves,Sink,Cupboard 1

Description: Jacuzzi: Start, Run With Jets And Blower, Shut Off, Heavy Bubbling; Bathroom

Description: Household Ceiling Fan Medium Loop.

Description: Kitchen Ambience: Rinsing Dishes, Loading Dishwasher, Turning On Kitchen & Dining Room

Description: Turn On Bath Water, Engage Shower Head, Person Showering, Shut Off Bathroom;Pouring Liquid, Sloshing & Flowing

Description: Propane Bbq: Steak Sizzle, Flip Over And Flare Up, Grill Outdoor Household & Gardening