Description: Clock 8, 19th Century, Strikes 2; 19th Century Mantelpiece Clock Stikes 2 O'clock With Light Brass 'coil' Bell And Light Clicking And Whirring Mechanism.

Description: Clock 7, 1850, Strikes 1; Aristocrat's Mantelpiece Clock, Named Mysterious, Strikes 1 O'clock With Beautiful Small Glass Bell.

Description: Clock 4, Bozak 1823 Strikes 12; Czech Bozak Wall Clock, Dated 1823, Strikes 12 O'clock, Brass 'coil' Bell And Light Internal Whirring.

Description: Clock 3, 18th Century, Strikes 12; Late 18th Century Clock Strikes 12 O'clock With Loud Whirring Mechanism And Small Brass Bell.

Description: Clock 2, 18th Century, Strikes 12; 18th Century Clock, Circa 1780, Strikes 12 O'clock, With Whirring Wooden Mechanism And Glass Bell.

Description: Clock 1, 17th Century, Strikes 12; 17th Century Wooden Czech Folk Clock With Glass Bells Strikes 12 O'clock Including The 4 1 / 4 Hour Strikes At Front.

Description: Bullet Impacts Metal; Solid Metal Impacts. Series Of Two High Pitched Metallic Clangs. Anvil Like. Close Perspective.

Description: blinders being open, blinders shaking, rattling.

Description: blinders being open, blinders shaking, rattling.

Description: bathroom faucet runs for about 25 seconds, water runs down drain.