Description: Pile Driver 2; Start Up Then Rhythmic Impacts. Close Perspective With Slap back Echo Off Of Buildings.

Description: Shoveling Dirt; Light Layer Scrapes On Asphalt.

Description: Industrial Saw, Large; Motor With Blower, Start Up And Off.

Description: Industrial Saw, Large; Cutting Through Wood.

Description: Power Saw; Grinds In Long Burst Through Wood.

Description: Handheld Saw 2; Higher-pitched And Faster Motion Than FX 61. Interior Reverb.

Description: Handheld Saw 1; Grinding Back And Forth Motion Through Wood. Close Perspective.

Description: Small Air Sander; Wavering High-pitched Servo Bursts And Air Release. Interior Garage Reverb Medium Perspective.

Description: Large Industrial Grinder; Two Long Runs.