Description: Water Hits Hot Pan And Sizzles Some Grease Bubbles And Hiss.

Description: Meat Placed Down Into Hot Grease And Sizzle.

Description: A battery operated door bell that has audio problems because of low voltage.

Description: Clock 10, Tower, 19th C, Ticks; Large Wovik Heinz Clock Tower Ticks Constant, Heavy Iron Mechanism, Roomy Ambience.

Description: Clock 6, Bozak, 1830, Ticks; Czech Bozak Wall Clock, Dated 1830, Ticks Constant With Light Metallic Mechanism - Looped.

Description: Clock 4, Bozak 1823 Ticks; Czech Bozak Wall Clock, Dated 1823, Ticks Constant, Light Brass Mechanism.

Description: Clock 1, 17th Century, Ticks; 17th Century Wooden Czech Folk Clock, Wooden Internal Mechanism, Ticks Constant.

Description: bathroom fan turned on, runs for about 30-45 seconds and gets turned off.

Description: Metal On Grinder; Metal Grinding Against Machine Spun Stone Wheel; Motor / Fan Noise, Medium Perspective.

Description: Small Pneumatic Drill; Long Spurts; Numerous Grinder Burst, Very Long, Two Times, Air Release / Motor Spin, Close Perspective.