Description: A metal lock being push in on a bedroom door. The door is wooden and light so rattles a little when pushed. A good authentic sound

Description: Actually an extractor fan but I think it would sound great as a drawer sound.

Description: Front door of a house being locked with a double lock. Twisting and clanking metal sound.

Description: Latch and chain being set. Good chain noise and slide.

Description: The sound of a metal lock turning, The door is ajar so you also get the natural reverb of the hall.

Description: Window being slid shut to cut out noise from traffic outside,

Description: Tap / Faucet running into a sink with some spluttering / gargling at the end as the last of the water trickles through

Description: Toilet at home. Push button toilet so that can be heard rather than a handle

Description: Running water with plenty or spluttering and gargling after the tap / faucet is turned off.