Description: Eggs On Griddle; Egg Crack And Open Onto Griddle With Medium Sizzle, Spits And Bubbles. Flip Egg Over With Light Metal Spatula Movement Scrapping Up Egg And Sliding It Onto Plate—ight Metallic Taps. Close-up.

Description: Mortar And Pestle, Kitchen; Digiffects; Kitchen & Dining Room

Description: Sound recording of a kettle or tea pot whistling as the water comes to a boil on the stove.

Description: Milk carton is opened and closed, eggs are cracked open, and bacon is fried in a pan. Open, Milk Carton Fry, Egg Sizzle, Bacon.

Description: Large Hand Crank Wooden Barrel Mixer: Start, Run, Stop; Small Household Appliances

Description: Bacon Frying In Pan, Good Sizzle and Pops.