Description: Winding up old wooden clock

Description: Ticking, Close Up Household Furniture

Description: CLOCKS GRANDFATHER CLOCK: INT: Grandfather clock ticks and strikes 12 0`clock.

Description: Grandfather Clock, Dong Once-Big and Good.

Description: Clock Chime; Mantel Clock Chimes 1 / 4 Hr, 1 / 2 Hr And 3 / 4 Hr. Two Different Clocks.

Description: clock antique wall pendulum noise tic-tac

Description: Clock Chime; Long Case Clock Strikes Eight.

Description: Town Street Early Morning; Birdsong Echoes Off Street Walls, Distant Weir, Light Trickling Water At Front, Occasional Distant Beer Barrels Rolled Down Chute Into Cellar, Clock Tower Strikes 1 / 4 Hour.

Description: Palace Clock Tower; Palace In 16th Century Czech Town Cesky Krumlov Strikes Four Quarters And 7 O'clock, Much Morning Birdsong, River Rush In Background.

Description: Whittington Chime: Quarter Past The Hour Household Furniture