Description: Portcullis; Passage Vertical Gate With Large Ratchet Mechanism, Up And Down.

Description: Metal Gate On Large Animal Pen: Close Impact Cage Doors;Metal Doors & Gates

Description: Main Gate Chain Mechanism; Maingate With Chain Pulley Mechanism Closes Rapidly Chain Mechanism Only, Reverberant Interior.

Description: Castle Gate Mechanism With Squeaks And Groans, Gate Close At End.

Description: Iron Gate: Rusty Hinges Swinging Squeak Door Creaks & Squeaks;Metal Doors & Gates

Description: Spring Loaded, Free Swinging Wooden Gate With Creaky Hinges: Swing Open And Settle Closed Door Creaks & Squeaks;Sliding, Swinging & Revolving Doors;Wood Doors & Gates

Description: Metal Gate On Chain Link Fence: Close And Latch Metal Doors & Gates;Latches

Description: Metal Gate Latch: Open Gate Metal Doors & Gates;Latches

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