Description: Surreal dream sequence drone with unusual sliding tones and water dripping.

Description: Large Murder of Crows. Horror, Scifi, Monster.

Description: A Murder of Crows Passing by. Transition, Sci-Fi, Horror, Sound Design

Description: Bats swarming. Pass-by, movement from Left to Right.

Description: A ghostlike breath, with chesty elements and a pain trail off. Slow and gradual attack with a faster decay.

Description: Demonic and powerful 'Harook' chant. Breathy/chesty growl vocal heavy effects.

Description: Distant, haunting ghostlike breath. Ghostly transition.

Description: Very light, slow and gradual, heavily effected whisper vocal. Possibly used as a ghostly transition

Description: Short ghostlike breath, slow attack with a fast decay. Heavy effects and delays.

Description: Demonic and powerful breathy vocal growl. Heavy effects with panning. Slow decay.

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