Description: The word "Be Afraid" spoken in ominous deep voice with repeating delay.

Description: I'm Coming to get you spoken in deep monster voice.

Description: The word “Beware” spoken in deep haunting voice with added delay.

Description: It's Behind You Spoken in mocking voice with male / female screams and monster growl.

Description: Dramatic old fashioned historic execution ominous drums ending with a man dropping through a trap door, hanging from a rope and swinging. Useful for production such as History and Horror.

Description: Huge pounding footsteps of a giant growling monster walking along with crowd screams.

Description: Creepy creatures scuttling through an underground cavern or sewer.

Description: Big metallic door opens revealing eerie, evil breathy sounds.

Description: A metallic bang followed by evil spirit voices released.

Description: Deep breath of a ghostly entity.