Description: Horror Bed Dark Ambient Eerie 01.

Description: Female Breath; Eerie Woman Scared Bys, With Reverb.

Description: A ghostly wailing and surrealistic ambient choir of atonal scary musical effects give a feel of a world beyond reality for paranormal, Halloween spooky, horror, and scary poltergeist moods.

Description: Horror Underwater Cave Ambient Sweeper 01.

Description: A spooky film noir style, scary scene, paranormal, mystery, Halloween, or horror SFX with a combination of synthesizer generated wind and ghosts with natural rain and thunder.

Description: Ghostly whispering spirit voices inside a large space with an icy ambiance creating an eerie background.

Description: Horror Crescendo Swell Airy Ghostly Dark Long 01.

Description: Seamless Looping Background Atmosphere, Ambient, Ambience - If you need some nice and decent Atmosphere for your Horror, Halloween or Science Fiction Footage, this is the perfect choice - Mysterious Dream Ambience