Description: Door, Squeaky, Creaky, Slow, Horror; Digiffects; Castle, Drawbridge & Stone Doors

Description: Spooky, ghostly, walking with chains. Jacob Marley's Ghost Footsteps

Description: Disturbing, Dark dreams, Scary Ominous Drone. Perfect Background or sound effect for anything related to Horror, Halloween, Sci-Fi, Nightmare Ambiences, Instrumental, Horror, Horror Ambience

Description: Horror SFX (3) is a sudden attack sound with a continuous loop of scary breathing.

Description: an atmospheric, vocals only part, with lots of reverb

Description: Spooky Electronic Effects Ghosts & Spirits

Description: Supernatural Power, Horror Evil & Supernatural Voices

Description: Layered Bell Shrill And Metal Resonance, Mysterious, Horror Horror & Haunted Ambiences

Description: texture, ghostly, human, ghost, scream, terror, horror, suspense, thriller

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