Description: Eerie, creepy, spooky, scary, atmospheric ghostly sounds. The track then escalates to a high pitch where the ghosts come out. Recorded with Korg Triton Keyboards. Horror, suspence, thriller.

Description: Scary whisper / breathing sounds after processing, version 1

Description: Eerie Space Chimes, Electronic, Sci Fi Sci Fi Ambiences

Description: This is a simple background sound environment taking in a cemetery at night, or anywhere you can hear crows and owls, which makes the environment creepy. You can hear the wind blow in the trees, a cricket, a church bell from time to time, and the crows and owls. The air is thick and the atmosphere is scary but not overwhelming. It is very realistic, there aren't any supernatural occurrences.

Description: A very eerie gurgling water sound effect with haunting bell.

Description: Ghostly Labyrinth Ambience Evil & Supernatural Voices

Description: Ominous Doom Ambience Evil & Supernatural Voices

Description: Industrial Audio & Original Sci-Fi Black Industrial & Goth Opera Local Sense Technology (1999-20xx) Art Prime (2006-20xx) Tunnel Sci-Fi Trilogy Kingdom of a thousand © © ℗ zebralution