Description: sound of child singing slightly muffled to prevent making it to obvious what their saying

Description: A creaky door opens onto and closes from a house of horror that's loaded with scary SFX, ghostly apparitions, and where the paranormal is the norm. Inside there's synthesizer generated wind and spirit voices and plenty of chains, rain, thunder, scratching, bangs, and other unworldly nightmarish terror.

Description: drone, horror, spooky, eerie, voices, ghost, ghostly, suspense, thriller

Description: Door, Stone, Open, Grind, Scraping; Digiffects; Castle, Drawbridge & Stone Doors

Description: Ghostly hounds howling for an eerie, spooky background ambiance.

Description: Ghostly whispering spirit voices with an icy wind ambiance creating an eerie background.

Description: Dramatic Ambience: Slow Breathing, Sci Fi Space Transporters, Scramblers & Dematerializers

Description: Wild, Howling, Outer Space Sound, Electronic, Sci Fi Sci Fi Ambiences