Description: Gun Fire Variety 7 Shots.

Description: Telegraph, Morse Code, Key; Digiffects; Radios

Description: Large Explosion And Fire In Busy Station: Panic, Crowd Evacuates Building, Emergency Accident Scenes

Description: Smoke Grenade: Pop, Ignite, And Smoke Close-up. Stereo.

Description: Mo 120 Rt 61, 120 Mm Mortar: 2 Rounds, Close Perspective Cannons

Description: Distant Gunshots With Close Bullet Impacts And Ricochets Battle Ambiences

Description: Large Explosion And Fire In Busy City Street: Crowd Panic, Cars Crashing, Emergency Explosions & Bombs

Description: Shotgun, Gunshot, Heavy, 13 Versions; Digiffects; Shotgun Firing

Description: Warfare Explosion Gas Station Building Fireball Fire Military.