Description: Medieval Soldier Wearing Plate Mail Armour, Walk On Dirt Male Footsteps;Soldiers

Description: Explosion, Long, Dirt, 3 Versions; Digiffects; Explosions & Bombs

Description: Famas F1 Grenade Launcher: Launch Grenade And Explosion, Medium Perspective Explosions & Bombs;Rocket Launchers & Rpgs

Description: Morse Code Trainer: Random Code Beeps With Key; Beeps, Radios

Description: Cannon Fight: Multiple Explosions From Various Perspectives.

Description: Sound of: fighting metallic sword hits

Description: War: Explosions, Gunfire, Helicopter, Ambience, Battle, Military Battle Ambiences

Description: Warfare Battle Gun Shots Distant Loop Battlefield.

Description: Warfare National Anthem United States Trumpet Solo Music Military.