Description: Warfare Battle Gun Shots Distant Loop Battlefield.

Description: Bmp-1 Military Tank: Int: Start, Idle, Drive At Various Speeds; Military Tanks

Description: .50 Caliber: Firing With Bullet Ricochets. Very Busy, Various Perspectives. Vehicle By At Tail. Good Battlefield Background Element. Stereo.

Description: Bomb, Explosion, Hard, Distorted, 9 Versions; Digiffects; Explosions & Bombs

Description: Medieval Soldier Wearing Plate Mail Armour, Walk On Dirt Male Footsteps;Soldiers

Description: Fencing, Indoors, Light Swords, Varied, Steel Scabbard; Digiffects; Swords

Description: M5A1 Military Tank: On Board: Ext: Start, Drive At Fast Speed, Slow To Stop, Idle; Military Tanks

Description: Cannon, Guns, War, Battle, Short, 12 Versions; Digiffects; Cannons

Description: Morse Code Trainer: Playback Morse Code From Perforated Strip, Static, Slow; Radios

Description: Weapons Carrier: Onboard: Drive Fast, Rough Terrain Weapons Carriers