Description: Series of 4 explosions. From Fonogeno Portfolio ""Explosion strong far away 01 to 04"" in a single file. Save money!

Description: Warfare Battle Gun Shots Distant Loop Battlefield.

Description: Foot soldiers walk along a pebble beach with the sound of the waves as gunfire and carnage goes on around them. Ideal for WW2 sounds of Normandy and Dunkirk. Loop ready for an endless battle background.

Description: Bmp-1 Military Tank: Int: Start, Idle, Drive At Various Speeds; Military Tanks

Description: .50 Caliber: Firing With Bullet Ricochets. Very Busy, Various Perspectives. Vehicle By At Tail. Good Battlefield Background Element. Stereo.

Description: Bomb, Explosion, Hard, Distorted, 9 Versions; Digiffects; Explosions & Bombs

Description: Medieval Soldier Wearing Plate Mail Armour, Walk On Dirt Male Footsteps;Soldiers

Description: Fencing, Indoors, Light Swords, Varied, Steel Scabbard; Digiffects; Swords

Description: M5A1 Military Tank: On Board: Ext: Start, Drive At Fast Speed, Slow To Stop, Idle; Military Tanks

Description: Cannon, Guns, War, Battle, Short, 12 Versions; Digiffects; Cannons