Description: Stadium Gladiator Ambience: Heavy Crowd, Swords, Roman Historical Ambiences

Description: Gun Fire Variety 7 Shots.

Description: Hi-End Quality Long-time big explosion with variations and sub frequencies

Description: 105 Mm Artillery Shells: Continuous Explosions, Distant Perspective Cannons

Description: Mo 120 Rt 61, 120 Mm Mortar: Single Round, Close Perspective Cannons

Description: Large Explosion And Fire In Busy Station: Panic, Crowd Evacuates Building, Emergency Accident Scenes

Description: Revolutionary War Ambience: Heavy Crowd, Gunfire, Explosions Historical Ambiences

Description: M-1 Tank: Close Up Of Treads Rolling Military Tanks

Description: Large Car Explosion And Burning Explosions & Bombs

Description: Explosion, Long, Dirt, 3 Versions; Digiffects; Explosions & Bombs