Description: Military Battle Ambience: Gunfire, Explosions Battle Ambiences

Description: Distant Bomb Explosions Explosions & Bombs

Description: Distant Gunshots With Close Bullet Impacts And Ricochets Battle Ambiences

Description: Cannon, Guns, Old, War, Combat, Battle, Version 4; Digiffects; Cannons

Description: Sound of: fighting metallic sword hits

Description: Amtrac: Big Diesel Exterior Circling Around Mic. Stereo.

Description: Warfare Military Base Dock Boat Repair Helicopter Fly Bys 01.

Description: Kraz 255B Military Cargo Truck: Int: Drive At Slow Speed, Stop, Shut Off; Military Tanks, Transport & Mack Trucks, Car Mufflers & Exhaust Systems

Description: Large Explosion And Fire In Busy Station: Panic, Crowd Evacuates Building, Emergency Accident Scenes

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