Description: Musket: Four Heavy Shots, Crowd In Background; Rifle Firing

Description: Hand Gun Holster: Remove Gun; Handgun, Pistol & Revolver Foley

Description: Medieval Catapult: Fire Boulder Catapults & Trebuchets

Description: Bullet Pass By Bullet Ricochets & Bullet Foley

Description: Bullet Impact On Mud Bullet Ricochets & Bullet Foley

Description: Single Bullet Impact Into Body, Human Human Impact Foley;Bullet Ricochets & Bullet Foley

Description: Medieval Soldier Beheading Another, Head And Body Fall To Ground Chop, Stab & Slice Foley;Soldiers;Swords;Miscellaneous Weapons & Military

Description: Warfare Nunchaku Pick Up.

Description: Warfare Grenade Explosion Debris Blast.

Description: 22 Cal. : Two Shots With Echo Bullet Ricochets & Bullet Foley;Rifle Firing