Description: Marching Soldiers, Footsteps, On Gravel, Away; Digiffects; Spears

Description: Civil War Battle: Musket And Black Powder Cannon Fire, Voices, Drums Battle Ambiences

Description: Bull Whip; Swinging Whip In Circular Motion Overhead, Swishing Sound;.

Description: Multiple military vehicles pass by on pavement. Vehicles, Jeep Motor, Engine Military Convoy.

Description: Sword: Swish ( 2x ); Two Swishes In Quick Sequence. The First One Is Faster And Higher Pitched Than The Second. Close Perspective. Whoosh.

Description: Battle simulation with rapid fire weapons and jet and helicopter flybys. Weapons, Gunfire Bombs, War Battle, Military.

Description: Whip Swish Cracks 03; Single Reverberant Whip Swish And Crack. - Air Swish.

Description: Tomahawk: Impacts ( 4x ); Four Quick Swishes With Heavy, Deep Crunch Impacts And Debris / Blood Splats. Close Perspective. Ax, Hatchet.

Description: Warfare Cannon Fire Single Shot Pirate Blast Explosion.

Description: Warfare Whip Crack Bullwhip Whoosh Impact Snap Reverb.