Description: Large Soldier Troop: Marching; Soldiers

Description: Warfare Cannon Fire Single Shot Pirate Blast Explosion.

Description: Tomahawk Throw: Impacts Wood ( 2x ); Very Faint Low Whoosh As Ax Flies Through The Air And Impacts Tree With Soft, Thick Wooden Thud. Medium Perspective. Ax, Hatchet.

Description: Civil War Battle: Heavy Constant Gunfire; Battle Ambiences, Rifle Foley

Description: Stadium Gladiator Ambience: Heavy Crowd, Swords, Roman Historical Ambiences

Description: Marching Soldiers, Footsteps, On Gravel, Passing; Digiffects; Spears

Description: Medieval War Hammer: Impact On Chain Mail Armour War Hammers

Description: Flame Thrower: Long Burst; Flame Throwers

Description: Medieval Ballista: Bolt Impact On Flesh Ballistas

Description: Short Burst, Fire Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames;Flame Throwers