Description: Target Practice, Indoors, 7, 65 Mm Pistol; Digiffects; Handgun, Pistol & Revolver Firing

Description: Indoor Gun Range: Multiple Hand Guns, Firing Range Handgun, Pistol & Revolver Firing

Description: Ww I Or Ii, Small Arms Fire, Machine Guns Battle Ambiences

Description: Footsteps, Orders Being Shouted, Marching, Soldiers Stone, Pavement, Concrete & Cement Footsteps;Miscellaneous Human Voices;Soldiers

Description: Military Battle: Gunfire, Mortar And Artillery Explosions Battle Ambiences

Description: Military Battle Ambience: Machine Guns, Explosions, Low Frequency Battle Ambiences

Description: Heavy Gunfire Battle In Warehouse Battle Ambiences

Description: War Scene: Foxhole Battle, Heavy Gunfire, Explosions, Ricochets Historical Ambiences

Description: World War 2 Battle: Heavy Gunfire, Explosions, Tanks Historical Ambiences

Description: Simulated: Anti-Aircraft Guns And Explosions, Ambience Battle Ambiences