Description: Close on clanky metal threads moving along at medium speed. Stereo.

Description: Whistling bomb or artillery round whistle. Stereo.

Description: Powerful phasing blast element. Star Wars influenced. 3 variations. stereo.

Description: Whoosh with feeling of metal closing in rapidly. Stereo.

Description: 7 quick rounds of live fire from a 9mm Glock police issue. Stereo

Description: Quick fast sharp strong whooshlike laser blast. Stereo.

Description: Brief heavy bombardment from big canons. Canons fire and distant explosions.

Description: Old army tank passes by. A hulking behemoth. Rare sound. Field recording.

Description: Whoosh with whistle and a sense of metal closing in or passing overhead. Stereo.

Description: Large, quick blast with a bit of piercing attack. Stereo.