Description: Close recording of pouring a can of house paint into a bucket. Feeling of viscosity with clubs. Mono.

Description: Walking footsteps wearing rubber flip flops hard surface. Close up. Good tone.

Description: A short selection of movements and footsteps from Hawaiian style rubber flip flops on hard surface.

Description: Rubber flip flops various movements and footsteps 1. Mono

Description: Spray painting fx with good tone.

Description: Authentic tin cup from vintage canteen. Background light clatter and movement of cups. Gear backgrounds, soup lines, archival footage, kitchen etc.

Description: Artists paint brush strokes of different lengths. Close up, very little background, feeling of bristles as she paints.

Description: Close on a footsteps on metal like surface mismatched steps.

Description: Heads or tails? Close up foley recording of flicking a coin into a spin, hearing it twirl and then vibrate to a stop. Stereo.

Description: Walking down a long wood hallway. Hard soles. Good for on or off screen.

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