Description: Large Wooden Door; Closes And Opens, Reverberant Interior, Medium Perspective.

Description: Chaise Lounge Crash, Adjustments Placements.

Description: Body Getting Into Sitting Down On Bunk Bed W Spring Squeaks.

Description: Roller-blade; Person Roller-blade Steady.

Description: Footsteps, Male Going Up & Down Cement Stairs At Various Speeds In Large Reverberant Stairwell, Slow.

Description: Door Push Rail Wood Single; Rail Hits Various Close Up.

Description: FOLEY FOOTSTEPS BOOTS: EXT: Slow western walk on gravel with spurs.

Description: Metal scrapes and scratches resonate with reverb. Eerie Sound Scrape, Metal Metal Scrape.

Description: FOLEY FOOTSTEPS SNOW: EXT: One man on snow, departs & returns slowly.