Description: House Party, Heavy Voice Ambience Excited, Surprised, Amazed & Positive Crowds

Description: Steps several ground stereo - Recorded with Sony PDC D1.

Description: Recorded burning fire. Ambiance, Olympic, bonfire, burn, burning, catch, enthuse, fire, flame, forest, haulin, house, ignite, kindle, nature, spark, strike, to, torch, wood

Description: Light Ambience Pass Bys, Light Voices, Distant Traffic Bleed Hotel Ambiences

Description: Activity,Thru Ceiling,Feet,Squeaky Floors 1

Description: Activity,Office,Rolling Chair Moves,Ambient

Description: Hotel Lobby: Medium Crowd: Voices, Light Music Ambience Hotel Ambiences

Description: Walking on dry leaves,foley sound effect.

Description: Sheet being shaken back and forth.

Description: 1860 Nicole Freres Grand Format Music Box: Play William Tell Overture; Vintage Entertainment, Musical Themes & Anthems