Description: Indoor: House Party, Adults, Voices, Laughter, Music Ambience Excited, Surprised, Amazed & Positive Crowds;Laughing Crowds

Description: Ski Travelling on Snow and Ice - On board skiing

Description: Large Wood And Glass Door; Opens And Closes, Reverberant Interior; Very Long And Reverberant Squeak, Medium Perspective.

Description: Foley Vinegar Pour Baking Soda Mix Bubble Fizz Ambience.

Description: Footsteps, Stone Hallway, Woman, Leaves, Passes, Approaches, Slow; Digiffects; Marble, Tile & Linoleum Footsteps; Female Footsteps

Description: Toy, Steam Engine, Starts, Runs, Whistles, Stops; Digiffects; Toys

Description: Snow and Ice Footsteps - Various walking through deep snow and frozen ground

Description: Hotel Lobby: Medium Crowd: Voices, Light Music Ambience Hotel Ambiences

Description: Large Hotel Lobby: Atrium Style: Distant Fountain, Very Light Activity; Hotel Ambiences

Description: Dark Disharmonic Ropes, 8 Versions X 3 Rooms; Digiffects; Rope Foley