Description: Creature Monster Dragon Scream Pain Hit Dragon Screaming In Pain

Description: The sound of a zombie or other creature taking a bite out of something.

Description: The sound of an ogre swinging a club and grunting.

Description: An orc or some other monster giving a hooting laugh.

Description: A creature growl as it walks by. Originally cat based.

Description: A hissy monster hiss. A little flemy throaty sound.

Description: Creature Monster Imp Scream Battle Cry Angry Attack Imp'S Battle Cry

Description: This is a short sound imitating vocal effect of a big humanoid expressing pain. Fitting voice-overs for Orcs, Trolls, Ogres and alike!

Description: Creature Monster Dragon Scream Roar Dragon Roaring

Description: Sound of something big swinging at an enemy, grunting with the effort, and hitting.