Description: Piercing type short bursts from a catering van serving hot food to hungry workers. Also makes a good background horn for foreign traffic. Field recording.

Description: Neighborhood push cart passes by honking. Field recording.

Description: Close on isolated doves hooting. Stereo mic recorded them in Hawaii. Nice and authentic sound. Part of a series in Birds of Hawaii.

Description: Close car alarm with nice stereo and tone. Steady one note honking. Good for background.

Description: Very light, sweet sounding bird chirp. Mono.

Description: Sparse bird chirp in a wide open very quiet field.

Description: Stereo farm background with chicken clucks and distant banging of windmill.

Description: Exterior modern shopping mall. Stereo. Busy with depth. Some close voices.

Description: Single cars whoosh by one after another. Stereo.

Description: Multiple emergency vehicle sirens in the distance. City background. Stereo.

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