Description: Exterior teens mill, talk, laugh mvt. Male and female. Stereo.

Description: Walking through a small North Wales market town (Mold) on a Saturday morning with people and traffic

Description: If you need a construction background with a nice stereo feel and feeling of activity and movement to build on, this will cut through at the right volume level. All original recording. Stereo.

Description: Close on isolated doves hooting. Stereo mic recorded them in Hawaii. Nice and authentic sound. Part of a series in Birds of Hawaii.

Description: This is a sound effect of a city ambient

Description: an ambience recording of boston common during the day.

Description: Exterior neighborhood like walla ambience for a party, barbecue or other like get together. Stereo.

Description: City air with distant traffic wash with some individual bys.

Description: recording of the tube exit at liverpool street station, london - with doors flapping.