Description: Live stereo recording of downtown sidewalk ambience. Footsteps, voices with background air. Not a loop.

Description: Recording of the River Thames, London, England on the side of the river, looking towards Greenwich from Island Green, with boat passing, birds etc

Description: Ambience of a Greek harbour (Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes Town) in the morning with yachts and boats passing

Description: General ambience of an English city main street (Chester)

Description: This is a sound effect of a city ambient

Description: traditional greek streat band in Mediterranean tavern with people and cikadas in background

Description: Ambience at the shore of the Alpsee Lake in Bavaria, Germany. Near Neuschwanstein and Hoenshwangau Castles

Description: Countryside: ambience, birds, slight road in background #1

Description: ambience from street construction including digging and heavy machinery.