Description: Beach, Desert, waves breaking on the sand constantly-a

Description: An ambient city sound recorded from a distance.

Description: Beach Red Urca Rio de Janeiro, ship passes whistles enters Bahia Guanabara bg sands children shouting

Description: General ambience from outside Boswells cafe bar, Covent Garden, London on a summer's afternoon

Description: Young people exterior, chatting, talking, laughing. Upbeat. Male and female. 20 something year olds. Some distant traffic. Stereo.

Description: Wide perspective abandoned city open lot in stereo. Light bird, occasional crow overhead. Distant city hum. Distant car by.

Description: Long in and by. Great texture. Grinding, washing, rattles. Recorded by a long boulevard. Dead of night. No traffic. Stereo.

Description: Town (small) road ambience: traffic, occasional pedestrian crossing in background

Description: Ambience inside La Boqueria market off La Rambla, (The Ramblas), Barcelona