Description: Beach, waves, water edge, sand, children shouting-b

Description: Beach Red Urca, Rio de Janeiro, helicopter, ship passes whistling and enters Bahia Guanabara bg children

Description: Ambience from the famous beach at Blackpool, England

Description: Lite, cheery birds. Wide stereo. Clean background.

Description: Side street restaurant, outdoors in Benidorm's Old Town, with Spannish voices, cuttlery and general ambience

Description: General ambience from inside the grounds of Somerset House, London with the sound of the dancing fountains, people and distant traffic

Description: Ambience of the Christmas Markets near the Rathaus, Munich, Germany

Description: Ambience from Djemaa De Fna square, Marrakech, Morocco at night, with crowds, drums, scooters, ghita's, snake charmers etc

Description: Beach, Desert, waves breaking on the sands constant