Description: Church bells , single bell constantly and evenly ringing, some bird song in background

Description: Church bells ringing, St Just, Cornwall, UK

Description: Sounds of quiet suburban neighborhood, with breeze and rustling of trees, distant sounds of children and cars, and passing airplane.

Description: This is the sound of electric arcing

Description: This is the sound of falling tree with creaking

Description: Beep of a digital alarm clock 120bpm

Description: Close on isolated doves hooting. Stereo mic recorded them in Hawaii. Nice and authentic sound. Part of a series in Birds of Hawaii.

Description: Mics were placed in a verdant valley on Oahu. Dawn came and the birds began to sing. Stereo. Part of a series.

Description: Pleasant birds from the backyard of a typical house in Hawaii. Stereo. Field recording.

Description: Train pass by with fat horn. Followed by more blasts as it tails away. Stereo. Field recording.