Description: Crickets chirping in Greece with occasional background voices and traffic

Description: Ambience of a Greek road atmos in an evening with traffic and crickets

Description: Ambience of a harbour in Greece (Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes) in the morning with boats passing by

Description: Summer's day ambience in the North Hall in London's, Covent Garden, with crowd noise, talking, coffee cups etc

Description: Evening ambience in a small quiet town with steady rain fall, falling onto a hard surface with occasional traffic, birdsong ets

Description: Walking down Euston Road, London on a weekday morning (From Euston station to St Pancras) with traffic and people and footstep sounds

Description: Ambience of a Welsh railway station (Flint) with birds, PA announcements in English and Welsh for the Llandudno to London Virgin Train

Description: Wet and windy night in a small town, occasional traffic noise

Description: General ambience of an English city main street (Chester)

Description: Ambience near a river in an English city (River Dee in Chester, England) with people, traffic and birds