Description: Group of men play basketball in an urban park. Ball play with voices. Stereo.

Description: Single cars whoosh by one after another. Stereo.

Description: Traffic passes overhead on a city bridge with characteristic bumps of wheels. Stereo.

Description: Busy freeway with good feeling of moving cars. Stereo.

Description: Gentle, steady bug presence in a farmland field. Stereo.

Description: Mild, lonely, cold wind presence. Open ground. Stereo.

Description: Sparse bird chirp in a wide open very quiet field.

Description: Dist traffic, pedestrian footsteps, movement and voices. Stereo.

Description: Theme park (Alton Towers) ambience, the sound of Oblivion making it's first drop into the ground

Description: Theme park (Alton Towers), Nemisis roller coaster ambience from the queue