Description: Nice assortment of birds in a meadow. Stereo.

Description: Gentle, steady bug presence in a farmland field. Stereo.

Description: Pleasant, naturally layered, throbbing toned crickets. Stereo.

Description: High pitch, pleasant tone, crickets for urban or rural backgrounds. Stereo.

Description: 4 skateboard pass bys. Exterior sidewalk. Var. speeds. Field recording.

Description: Group of men play basketball in an urban park. Ball play with voices. Stereo.

Description: Authentic stereo recording of open farmland in America's heartland. Some distant birds, light bugs and airy presence.

Description: Multiple emergency vehicle sirens in the distance. City background. Stereo.

Description: Single cars whoosh by one after another. Stereo.

Description: Exterior modern shopping mall. Stereo. Busy with depth. Some close voices.