Description: Starts very far and gets closer. Siren rises and falls then goes into yelper mode. Recorded at a very far distance.

Description: 4 skateboard pass bys. Exterior sidewalk. Var. speeds. Field recording.

Description: Neighborhood push cart passes by honking. Field recording.

Description: Quiet night on a lake at night, with close and distant frogs and crickets creating a serene ambience.

Description: Sounds of quiet suburban neighborhood, with breeze and rustling of trees, distant sounds of children and cars, and passing airplane.

Description: Wave motion near a jetty, surging, rising and falling as they move into the spaces between the rocks. Splashing and surging ambience that will loop seamlessly.

Description: Fire battalion headed for a major fire. Distant hilltop recording. Dead of night. Natural lull in recording. No loops. Bonus fx: diff location but also recorded from afar: police squadron sirens. Officer down. Field recording. No loops.

Description: Air fill with a subtle live feel. City background ambience without the details i.e. traffic, birds, people etc. Long take. Not a loop. Recorded very early in the morning.

Description: Long in and by. Great texture. Grinding, washing, rattles. Recorded by a long boulevard. Dead of night. No traffic. Stereo.

Description: Young people exterior, chatting, talking, laughing. Upbeat. Male and female. 20 something year olds. Some distant traffic. Stereo.