Description: Female and male high schoolers mill about the lawn chatting amongst themselves as they kill some time. Stereo.

Description: Light, woodsy, morning birds. Courtyard manor. Stereo.

Description: Multiple car horns in the distance. Moving traffic. Stereo. Celebratory or protesting. Field recording.

Description: Modern open air shopping mall. Fairly busy. Layered voices. Some non English. Stereo.

Description: Early morning light marsh/swamp ambience with characteristic bird chortle. Stereo.

Description: Exterior modern shopping mall. Stereo. Busy with depth. Some close voices.

Description: Yacht harbor mooring with gentle multiple jangling of mast cables. Stereo.

Description: Group screams coming from a carnival ride. In the distance then closer. Stereo.

Description: Nice assortment of birds in a meadow. Stereo.

Description: African American voices enjoying the day. Part one. Stereo.