Description: Quiet, steady distant wind with faint pulsating crickets. Stereo. Base layer to build more effects.

Description: The sounds of an empty beach. Nothing but waves pounding and seagulls calling.

Description: Starts very far and gets closer. Siren rises and falls then goes into yelper mode. Recorded at a very far distance.

Description: Wave motion near a jetty, surging, rising and falling as they move into the spaces between the rocks. Splashing and surging ambience that will loop seamlessly.

Description: Church bells , single bell constantly and evenly ringing, some bird song in background

Description: Port background with a rumbling ship sound, urban sounds, sirens and traffic in background

Description: Multi story building construction w perspective. Not overly busy. Impacts, machinery, vocals and movement. Stereo.

Description: City Centre Park in Autumn Loop 2 - far off voices and seagulls and dogs

Description: City from above loop 3 - whistling wind, traffic and rain