Description: If you need a construction background with a nice stereo feel and feeling of activity and movement to build on, this will cut through at the right volume level. All original recording. Stereo.

Description: Active construction site with voices, hammering, a truck starting up etc. Stereo.

Description: This is a sound effect of a city ambient

Description: traditional greek streat band in Mediterranean tavern with people and cikadas in background

Description: Countryside: ambience, birds, slight road in background #1

Description: A soundscape of a medieval port / harbour. Waves rolling in, a blacksmith working, ship ropes creaking.

Description: Ambience of the bus terminal outside Euston station, London

Description: Traffic,street sounds noon in New York city.

Description: freeway traffic on a saturday night, cars driving by, close perspective.

Description: Professional Firework Display with dramatic effects and crowd reaction