Description: Multiple emergency vehicle sirens in the distance. City background. Stereo.

Description: Exterior. People milling about. Waiting, City. Murmur of voices with some mvt.

Description: If you need a construction background with a nice stereo feel and feeling of activity and movement to build on, this will cut through at the right volume level. All original recording. Stereo.

Description: Active construction site with voices, hammering, a truck starting up etc. Stereo.

Description: Quiet airy presence without crickets or birds. Stereo. Clean. Original recording.

Description: 4 skateboard pass bys. Exterior sidewalk. Var. speeds. Field recording.

Description: Exterior modern shopping mall. Stereo. Busy with depth. Some close voices.

Description: Yacht harbor mooring with gentle multiple jangling of mast cables. Stereo.

Description: Nice assortment of birds in a meadow. Stereo.

Description: African American voices enjoying the day. Part one. Stereo.