Description: The church bells of Saint John the Baptist's Church, Chester, Cheshire, England ring eight times with background ambience, voices, traffic etc

Description: Ambience from by the river (River Dee, Chester) on a breezy early spring morning, with birds, ducks, boats and distant traffic etc

Description: Sound of natural ambiance of a vast wood with bird call and foliage movement. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

Description: Multiple emergency vehicle sirens in the distance. City background. Stereo.

Description: Traffic, voices, movement, horns. Busy. Stereo.

Description: Yacht harbor mooring with gentle multiple jangling of mast cables. Stereo.

Description: Stereo farm background with chicken clucks and distant banging of windmill.

Description: Group screams coming from a carnival ride. In the distance then closer. Stereo.

Description: City ambient hum as bottles are tossed in a dumpster

Description: Sound of a building or tower collapsing.