Description: This is a sound effect of a busy city ambient

Description: This is a sound effect of a city ambient

Description: General ambience from the edge of Borough Market, Southwark, London with people, trains overhead etc

Description: Close up recording of pigeons coo'ing while pecking at dropped food near Covent Garden, London, with the sound of crowds and a street entertainer in the background

Description: Ambience of the Christmas Markets near the Rathaus, Munich, Germany

Description: Ambience at the shore of the Alpsee Lake in Bavaria, Germany. Near Neuschwanstein and Hoenshwangau Castles

Description: walking in deep snow with boots

Description: Exterior teens mill, talk, laugh mvt. Male and female. Stereo.

Description: University exterior ambience w voices, footsteps and general background sounds. Stereo.

Description: Recording of the River Thames, London, England on the side of the river, looking towards Greenwich from Island Green, with boat passing, birds etc