Description: Beach, sands, children bg shouting-b

Description: This is a sound effect of a busy city ambient

Description: Modern open air shopping mall. Fairly busy. Layered voices. Some non English. Stereo.

Description: Ambience from an outdoor cafe at Butterfly Valley, Rhodes, Greece with crickets, voices and transport

Description: baker street tube station atmosphere, with announcements.

Description: Wave motion near a jetty, surging, rising and falling as they move into the spaces between the rocks. Splashing and surging ambience that will loop seamlessly.

Description: City air with distant traffic wash with some individual bys.

Description: Bell tower of the Church of Our Lady Hillock, overlooking Park of the Flamengo, transit environment

Description: Beach, waves, border, sand, street vendors bg children shouting

Description: Theme park (Alton Towers) ambience, the sound of the Sonic Spinball ride

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