Description: Made this from some footage from Friday night also.

Description: Thought this may be handy to use also in some video.

Description: You name it they all were going out, not sure what happened on this night as I was filming a storm but all hell broke loose .

Description: Recorded this while filming a thunderstorm in July.

Description: This was actually the end to a thunderstorm I filmed but the thunder had stopped. This is a good siren and alarm clip

Description: Filming the moon the other night and got this great sound clip.

Description: This is of a police chase that took place by my home tonight while I was out filming some storms, not sure what was happening but they flew by my home.

Description: Great clip I recorded while filming a storm the other day .

Description: Another great siren from my storm chase. Every time I turn on a camera lately I hear these kind of spooky as to why ?

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