Description: Police Whistle: Issue Type 2: Single Blow, Emergency Whistles;Police Equipment

Description: Police Voice, 'Drop The Gun, Don'T Move', Emergency, Human, Vocal Accident Scenes;Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Emergency Police Bull Horn Step Back From The Vehicle Place Your Hands On The Trunk 01.

Description: Police Whistle: Short Blow Whistles;Police Equipment

Description: Police Dog: Multiple Barks, Emergency, Animal Dogs;Police Equipment

Description: Ford Police Car: Ext: Slow Pass By With Siren Blips, Mic Follows; Sirens, Police Vehicles & Sirens, Ford Cars

Description: 12 Gauge: Single Shot, Emergency, Auto Police Equipment;Shotgun Firing

Description: Ankle Cuffs: Handling Movement; Police Equipment

Description: Ar 15: Two Shots, Emergency, Weapon Police Equipment;Rifle Firing